Victims of our own confinement


We decorate and gild our cage

Make it nice and decorate

The confines of our own entrapment

The bars of our own restraint

And we focus so much on this

That life passes us by

And we see nothing but this

And do not see we live a lie

Imprisoned within our own minds

Unable to escape

Because we lock our own cage

Then we throw away the key

And become victims of our own misery

Do we not see

Are we asleep?

It’s a nightmare not a dream.

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Harmful effects of being overweight underestimated



The harmful effects of being overweight have been underestimated, according to a new study that analysed body mass index (BMI), health and mortality data in around 60,000 parents and their children, to establish how obesity actually influences risk of death.

Previous studies have suggested that the optimum BMI, at which the risk of death is minimised, appears to be above the range normally recommended by doctors, leading to claims it is good for health to be mildly overweight. However, scientists suspect these studies do not reflect the true effect of BMI on health, because early stages of illness, health-damaging behaviours, such as cigarette smoking, and other factors can lead to both lower BMI and increased risk of death. This makes it difficult to estimate how BMI actually influences risk of death (the causal effect), as opposed to the observed association between BMI and risk of death. This aim of this…

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Video (otw)² Twilight Zone episode

The Obsolete Man

pay attention, or this one will get ya

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Behind the masks


One day at a time


Whether a Doctor, a Radio Personality, a Sailorman, a Robot, a Penguin, an Extra-Terrestrial, a Cross-Dresser, a Boy who was never supposed to grow up, or a Genie…..the masks we hide behind are only what we present to the world.


But often times, we are trying so hard, with those masks, to live up to the expectations of others, that we create a jail cell in our own minds. And that is a place that we cannot hide from. There are no masks that can shield us from what we are imprisoned with inside our own heads.


You can’t escape your thoughts. You can train them, you can push them away, you can wallow in them, you can act on them…there are many ways of dealing with your thoughts, but you can never truly escape them, except for those who escape in the way that the person depicted in the…

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Video (otw) 99 Luftballons

The American version never caught on so, here you go, in German…

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Fermi paradox…

Simply put:

is the contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Huh? Why is the solar system, galaxy, universe so large if we (humans) are the only ones?

How about this:

*** We have been in contact but it is not on a global scale.

Or perhaps

***We haven’t broken the interstellar travel record (FTLT) yet – like in ST First Contact

There could be AND are a number of reasons why they haven’t just shown up on your doorstep.

***Perhaps their Prime Directive prevents them?

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Saturday Matinee: Soaked in Bleach

Desultory Heroics

You Decide: “Soaked in Bleach” expounds on the events leading up to Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994

By Bryan Thomas

Source: Night Flight

In 2015, Benjamin Statler produced, wrote and directed Soaked in Bleach, a docu-drama that expounds on the events leading up to the death of Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain as seen through the eyes of a private investigator, Tom Grant.

The former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. detective turned private investigator — who had an exemplary resume and a spotless reputation — had initially been hired by Courtney Love on Easter Sunday 1994 to track down Cobain, who had gone missing after checking himself out of a drug rehab facility.

Soaked in Bleach focuses mainly on Grant’s investigation between April 1st and April 8th, with a particular focus on what may have happened on April 5, 1994.

At the time, the official Seattle Police Department incident report stated that…

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VIDEO How CIA hid their MKULTRA mind control program – ‘The More Google Knows the Easier It Is to Manipulate You’

Reclaim Our Republic

How the CIA hid their MKULTRA mind control program

People need to understand how the history of mind control and psychiatry are interwoven

How the CIA Hid their MKULTRA Mind Control Program

Mar 30, 2018 by Jon Rappaport

Back in the early 1990s, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate. This was the book (1979) that helped expose the existence and range of the infamous CIA MKULTRA program.

Marks related the following facts to me. He had originally filed many Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests for documents connected to the CIA’s mind-control program. He got nothing back.

Finally, as if to play a joke on him, someone at the CIA sent Marks 10 boxes of financial and accounting records. The attitude was, “Here, see what you can do with this.”

I’ve seen some of those records. They’re very boring reading.

But Marks went through them, and lo and behold, he found he could piece together…

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VIDEO School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Wont Believe who Set it Up – Police Firing Blanks Before School Shooting

… and the truth shall set you free

Reclaim Our Republic

School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Wont Believe who Set it Up

Don’t let the media sell you some sob story about how we need more gun control in this country. This is all about corrupt politicians and money.

For the last week or so, the entire nation has been talking about gun control — or at least the media has been talking about it.

The sudden tsunami of gun control stories, articles, op-eds, and segments is the result of the terrible mass shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in beautiful Parkland, Florida.

Sadly, the focus on gun control has caused the media (and the people who get their news from the media) to miss the far-larger scandal revolving around Douglas High School.

First, let me be clear; I’m not talking about the scandal of four police officers being on scene when…

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FBI paid Geek Squad staff to be informants, docs show

This does not surprise me, not in the least

Reclaim Our Republic

The agency’s relationship with staff in the Best Buy repair unit goes back at least a decade, say documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Best Buy on July 23, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Best Buy is a multinational electronics store.

March 6, 2018 BY STEVEN MUSIL

FBI agents paid employees in Best Buy’s Geek Squad unit to act as informants, documents published Tuesday reveal.

Agents paid managers in the retailer’s device repair unit to pass along information about illegal content discovered on customers’ devices, according to documentsposted online by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The digital rights group sued the FBI for the documents last year after the bureau denied a Freedom of Information Act request.

The EFF filed the lawsuit to learn the extent to which the agency trains and directs Best Buy Geek Squad employees to conduct warrantless searches of customers’ devices during maintenance. The EFF said it was concerned that use of repair technicians to root out evidence of criminal behavior circumvents…

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On The Future Of The Internet


Here’s another one I’ve been meaning to write for a while…but was afraid I’d sound too “negative”…but why not?

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Only fools rush in

I like to believe I am in control of my own life; sadly I don’t think that is reality.

One day at a time


And so I will start where I left off 2 days ago. In my post “Perception”, I left off with the following quote from the TV show of the same name:

Does free will exist? Do I exert conscious control over my actions? Did I do that on purpose? Or was I forced to do it by some unseen neural process? Fact is, most of the neuro scientific data suggests free will is an illusion. But if that’s true, are we simply meat puppets? All of our choices made for us? -Daniel Pierce

Here is what the band Rush has to say on the matter of free will….

But then, do they in a later album contradict themselves within these lyrics?

So, now let us examine a couple of terms and definitions that are often argued and contemplated when philosophizing about freewill.

Pre-Determinism: the idea that the entire past (as well…

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I like to think I am in control of my own life, but sadly, I am not sure that is the case.

One day at a time


As with many people, binge watching TV shows has become “one of my things”. God bless the Netflix and Hulu! The difference between me and alot of other people is that I am very particular about the shows and movies that I chose to watch. I generally don’t watch much “mindless” tv. Most things I chose to watch have some relation to my life and some deeper meaning that I can grow and learn from.

One of my latest is the TV series “Perception”. It appeals to the social sciences deep thinking side of me.This side is a very dominant side. If I wasn’t a musician by career, I would have gone in to Psychology. In high school, when I was visiting the college fairs in my sophmore year, I was putting down on all of the cards that my intended major was Psychology and my intended minor was Music…

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