Month: February 2016

  • The Truths of Aging

    Part humor, all truth ~ so had to share The Truths of Aging –

  • Idiocracy

    Text linked from: Writer of Hit Movie ‘Idiocracy’ Surprised to Learn that His Work Has “Become a Documentary” Writer of Hit Movie ‘Idiocracy’ Surprised to Learn that His Work Has “Become a Documentary” Claire Bernish  February 25, 2016 40 It’s official. Etan Cohen agrees with the rest of us — Idiocracy turned out to be […]

  • Mary Magdalene In Our Time Mary Magdalene is one of the best-known figures in the Bible and has been a frequent inspiration to artists and writers over the last 2000 years. According to the New Testament, she was at the foot of the cross when Jesus was crucified and was one of the first people to see Jesus after […]

  • Tattoo Removal

    Illustration for Milwaukee magazine –

  • The Matrix of Conformity

    The Matrix of Conformity – <==<>==> ******* More than ever our world needs a new generation of youthful and caring people capable of comprehending the problems we face, while maintaining the clarity of mind and compassion needed to seek and find creative solutions to this morass. For this, our youth need to be healthy, […]

  • The Greatest Love

    Click here >>==> or read here >>==> “Have you ever loved someone?” To North Korea, the question felt more like an assault than a harmless curiosity. He didn’t dare look across the table to his sister but instead stared into a half-empty bowl of noodles. “There was someone,” he started after prolonging his answer […]

  • The X-Files Disclosure of 2016 If you’re interested in Part 2, which I recently shared here, you might just as well check out Part 1; right?

  • The X-Files Disclosure, Part 2

    The X-Files Disclosure, Part 2: The Depopulation Agenda –

  • White Lines go away

    Sugar Identified as a Top Cause of the Global Cancer Epidemic – According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 2013 study1 “Sugar: Consumption at a Crossroads,” as much as 40 percent of US healthcare expenditures are for diseases directly related to the overconsumption of sugar. Incredibly, we spend more than $1 trillion each year […]

  • Technology can have its problems

    WAKE-UP CALL: WHY WE CAN NO LONGER ASSUME WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY IS SAFE – ******* Wireless technology has become an integral part of our culture. It has connected us to people and information and has also brought us incredible convenience and economic benefits. Just think how this technology has expanded in just the eight years […]

  • We are our own creation

    Will The Real God Please Stand up?… We’re Gonna Have a Problem Here! – ******* We have never seen aliens but we still believe we are not the only intelligent life in existence, we’ve never seen intuition, but swear by that gut feeling that told us to be wary of someone or when a […]

  • Will cruelty be redefined?

    Why the FBI Now Categorizes Animal Cruelty as a Class A Felony –

  • WordPress vs Facebook

    So here I am in the second month of my six month facebook vacation. Feeling somewhat bored, I decided to get off my rear and create a blog site. *btw, WordPress is new to me, so bare with me on the looks of my page* Now I fear I am getting hooked, not exactly what […]

  • No more secrets

    Tim Cook Refuses To Comply With Government Demand To “Build A Backdoor” Into iPhone –

  • Just a thought

    Don’t be a robot running on automatic…  THINK!