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Confessions of a Dr. Google addict

By Trevor Hewitt
I found a lump in my neck when I was 20. It was soft and the size of a small grape. To make matters worse, it was the middle of my exam period.

Anxious and out of energy, I do the only thing I could think of to help calm myself down. I open up Google, find a medical diagnosis website and ask it just what the hell is wrong with me. Just 0.25 seconds later, I had my answer, and I feel the sharp pain of a lump in the centre of my chest. I probably had thyroid cancer. Or lymphoma. Or possibly HIV.

And just like that, I had become a patient of ‘Dr. Google.’

The internet has transformed industry. You can order your groceries, download movies and trade stocks online. Previously these industries required separate commitments. You had to go to the grocery store, head to the movie store or have a stockbroker. Most of these changes have been positive. They help us multitask and complete chores quicker. But the instant nature of Google raises an important question: should all conveniences shift towards the computer screen?

The hypochondriac in me says, no. The ‘Dr. Google’ phenomenon refers to using a search engine to try and determine the cause of your symptoms. Various websites offer symptom checkers. I know, I know. It’s my own fault for freaking out after seeing scary results. It should’ve been obvious to me that they were wrong. At the very least, I should know that Google or some random website isn’t qualified to diagnose me with a terminal disease. Perhaps that’s true for some, but it wasn’t for me at the time. As I scroll through my symptoms that were fine, I latch onto the few that aren’t.

Within 48 hours of finding my lump I was sure it’s early-stage lymphoma – cancer of the lymph nodes. I called my father on the second or third day and shakily explained to him what I had found. Around 24 hours and a train ride later, I sat in a walk-in doctor’s office.

I sat there zoning out and memorizing philosophy terms for an upcoming exam. I was trying not to think about all the problems I’m creating by taking this much time out of my life to go see some random doctor. After what felt like hours (but was probably more like 40 minutes), an impatient doctor took about 15 seconds to look at me. He told me that I’m fine and that it’s just an enlarged lymph node. Probably due to an infection or stress. He says not to worry unless it gets bigger than a walnut or starts feeling hard.

I’m shocked. Is this guy crazy? Does he even know what he’s doing? He hardly even looked at it. I ask how he can he be so sure and he tells me that if it were bad, it would definitely be hard and walks out the door.

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Confessions of a Dr. Google addict

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It didn’t start with hitting the dog

Such is the life of the stray that found his way into my daughters life. I like that she has a soft spot for lost and abandoned animals, but sadly, her boyfriend doesn’t feel the same way.
He was told that you must first “break” your new Pitt Bull by hitting it.
**What the hell!**
It’s only a matter of time before he starts to hit his girlfriend and/or his daughter.
Off his “medication” he is worse, but only by a slight margin. **And yes, he is off his medication**
It is only a matter of time before the police are called AGAIN to a domestic dispute at their house. The first time, being when they still lived here, before the dog. Sadly with the dog, it is only getting worse and worse. No the dog is not the catalyst, just an innocent involvement.
The parting of ways is the ultimate outcome, it’s just a matter of time.
**I hope it won’t be too late**

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The police, the neighbors, and NOT me

So our neighbors, the older couple across the street, have been paid a visit by not one, not two, but three police vehicles, one of which is a K9 unit. hmmm…
But they never get into trouble.
One officer even waited outside while the owners shoo’d their dobermans out into their enclosed front yard.
Okay, so now it seems that the conversation has been moved to the outside. After a pow wow outside for a few minutes, all three left.
Nope wait….
It appears that two of the units have now gone back down the road to the house on the end.
Apparently the “squabble” is between the two neighbors on either side of me.
I guess the story ends here, as I will never get the truth out of anyone.

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VAXXED Pulled From Tribeca Film Festival Following Threats & Censorship –

***Censorship of the VAXXED film is proof that it was compelling, persuasive and DANGEROUS to the vaccine establishment

*** Vaccine manufacturers, FDA and CDC all openly admit vaccines damage children and lack safety evidence

*** Documents on the FDA’s own web site admit link between vaccines and autism

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Five Types of Domestic Violence

When a woman hasn’t been the victim of physical abuse by her partner, odds are she doesn’t think she’s a victim of domestic violence (DV).  But the common misconception that a woman has to be beaten or she’s not a victim of domestic violence is not true.  Physical abuse is only one type of DV.  Other types of DV, or domestic abuse, are psychological abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, and sexual abuse. Maybe if we dropped the term “domestic violence” and used “domestic abuse” instead, the misunderstanding wouldn’t be so common.  Other women don’t think of themselves as being victims of DV because they have internalized the abuse.  That means they have consciously or subconsciously adopted the belief and have accepted that the abusive behavior is normal, so they don’t think they are being abused.

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Signs of Autism

Autism Speaks’ multi-year Ad Council public service advertising campaign stresses the importance of recognizing the early signs of autism and seeking early intervention services. Recent research confirms that appropriate screening can determine whether a child is at risk for autism as young as one year. While every child develops differently, we also know that early treatment improves outcomes, often dramatically. Studies show, for example, that early intensive behavioral intervention improves learning, communication and social skills in young children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

One of the most important things you can do as a parent or caregiver is to learn the early signs of autism and become familiar with the typical developmental milestones that your child should be reaching.

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Advertising: Light it up blue

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Robert De Niro and the movie that’s not to be

First it’s ON, then it’s OFF

Robert De Niro, who has a child with autism, was going to personally introduce the film, Vaxxed, to the audience at his Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

He thought the film was important.  It makes a case for a connection between vaccines and autism.

Then, an uproar ensued, pressure was brought to bear, and De Niro decided to cancel the screening at his festival.

Hello, goodbye.

One of the angles used to pressure him?  People might agree with the film’s content and decide not vaccinate their children, or they might decide to space the vaccines out over a longer period of time.  This horrible act might endanger lives.  It might kill children.

Therefore, don’t let people see the film.  Don’t let them be contaminated.  Don’t let them make up their own minds.  Don’t let them have access to information.  You see, the parents themselves are children wandering in the wilderness, with no ability to analyze information.  They must defer to the experts.  They mustn’t listen to other voices.  They mustn’t be permitted to think.

Free speech?  Never, ever heard of it.

You see, this is Science.  Only certain people know what science says or means.  They are the chosen few in the palace.  They decide for the rest of us.  They are the little gods and the censors.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this bullshit.

On big screens all over the country, you can put up movies depicting people being torn limb from limb, drowning in their own blood, you can put up movies with panting soft-porn money shots, you can put up movies that blow up half the world; but you can’t show a movie that questions the effects of vaccines.

That’s show biz, where the stars are co-opted on a daily basis, and if they move off the dime, they’re attacked in the press.

But so what?

Listen, Robert, you could have shown the film, and you could have laid on a live presentation afterwards, with speakers delivering both sides of the issue right there in the theater.  You could have stood up and said you weren’t going to be bulldozed.  You could have said Film itself is based on the sanctity of free speech and there was no way you were going to sacrifice that principle.  You could have drawn a line in the sand.  You could have parlayed your reputation and awards in the industry to make a point.  You could have explained who pressured you and why.  You could have refused to let the moment pass.  You could have broken the back of censorship, and you could have enlisted the aid of a few of your famous friends, right up on stage, to back you up.  You could have turned the whole thing around, because after all, you were just preparing to show a film.  That’s what you were doing.  With enough force behind your words (you know how to do that, don’t you?), you could have exposed the whole insane sham of Don’t Show a Film.  You could have said, “This is not the Censored Tribeca Film Festival.  That’s not the name of this event and it never will be.”  You could have blown the doors apart.  You could have gone live and done in public, for once, what you do on the screen.  You could have hit the censors in their snake eyes and put them away.  You could have gone on The View and Fallon and Kimmel and Oprah and made your case against the people who want to shut down free speech.  And you know you could have scored a victory.

But you didn’t do that.  You backed down.

It’s not too late.  You can still fire up your courage and your outrage and show the film.  It’s your festival.  You’re the boss.

Do you realize the size of the rock you’re standing on?  Do you know what the First Amendment really means?

So what if you’re shy in public.  So what if you need a script?

I’ll give you a script.  I’ll give you one.  It’ll melt the spines of those arrogant cowards who want the public to obey and keep their mouths shut and submit to wall-to-wall surveillance and march all the way to their graves without a whimper in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Shocking Survey Reveals How Many Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prison Inmates –

It’s a reality we don’t want to hear, but we’re all at least a little bit complicit in making it so. Technology is taking over the world, and with its many benefits it’s not difficult to see why, but is what we have gained in convenience worth what we have lost elsewhere?

Through a campaign titled Dirt Is Good, UK based laundry detergent marketer Persil is letting us know just how dismal things have gotten. A survey of 12,000 parents worldwide revealed a number of shocking results, including, but not limited to:

74% of youngsters are not allowed to spend an hour outdoors
62% of parents believe their children have less opportunities to be outdoors than they did
77% of parents admitted that their children often refuse to play games not featuring some form of technology
75% report that their children prefer to play sports on a screen than the actual sport itself
54% could not identify an oak tree, while 80% could identify Justin Bieber

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Would You Swallow a Data-Tracking Big Pharma “Smart” Pill?

They’ve Got $1 Trillion in Annual Profits to Protect


Big Pharma is spending like never before to make sure patients take their drugs. Investors recently committed $172 million for “smart pills” being developed jointly by Proteus Digital Health and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. After a pill is swallowed, a microscopic device within the pill relays ‘health data’ to a patch worn by the patient, then to a smartphone, and then (if the patient wishes) to doctors and/or pharmaceutical companies.

Likewise, an inhaler for patients with lung diseases to record the date and time of every use is being developed by mobile chip giant Qualcomm with heavy investment from Novartis, which runs research and development in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Domestic Violence – choosing to be violent

We probably all know someone in an abusive relationship who keeps on making excuses for the person abusing them; it is either the abuser is being controlled by some evil spirit or that the abuser in question is not as bad as people may think. Unfortunately for those making excuses for them, it is a pity that abusers are fully aware of what they do to their victims. There is nothing like not being able to control their emotions. Their actions are manipulative and well calculated, aimed at keeping their victims under control. Unfortunately, their victims are always the first to make excuses for them.

Tactics used by abusers to control their victims

They dominate; in a bit to feel in charge, they will want to control every aspect of the relationship. They will always want to be the one to make decisions in the relationship and they expect the other person to just accept their decisions like a puppet. They will treat their victims in substandard ways.

They humiliate; the only way the abuser can control is if they succeed to make their victim feel very bad and worthless. That is why they will humiliate their victim and use verbal abuse to make them lose their self esteem. By the time they are done with their victims, the victims will be so degraded and humiliated that they may believe no other person will ever want to have them in their lives. As such they continue to stay in the abusive relationship.

They isolate; one thing an abuser is very aware of is the fact that there are people in their victim’s life who can spot that they are being abusive. As such the abuser will do all to try and keep their victims from such people. They are very good at telling their victims to stay away from friends that they have known all their life and even their family.

They threaten; their number one weapon is the use of threats. They are either threatening to hurt or to kill. They will use abusive language on their victim. They may not even hesitate to threaten the kids just so the victim will stay.

They intimidate; they are people who are insecure and so they try to show their control by forcing themselves on others. They know that it can never last forever so they use intimidation to keep their victims in check. They will shout and break things and even display knives or guns as a way of telling their victim that they are ready to use force and violence if necessary.

They transfer blame; have you ever seen anyone who is always blaming others for their problems? Then you may be looking at a potential abuser. These people are so egocentric they make really laughable excuses. They will blame their childhood experience for their lapses today, they will blame their bad behaviour on what happened at work, and they will even blame their bad behaviour on their victim. With them, it is always someone else and never them.

Before you start trying to make excuses for an abuser, know that they can control themselves if they want to. Actually, they show control every day since it is only to the victim that they may be showing such abusive behaviour. To know that they are perfectly in control;

They choose the people to abuse
They choose where and when to abuse
They will stop their abusive behaviour if there is something to benefit them
They will hit their victim where they hope others wouldn’t see.

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Domestic violence; abusers choose to be violent –


Another Statistic

Some people stay in abusive relationships, Because they don’t want to be “another statistic”, Yet you risk becoming one that you won’t be alive to read, So I beg you to just leave…

Source: Another Statistic

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Why doesn’t she leave?

There are many reasons an abused wife might stay with her abuser. She’s afraid to leave but also afraid of life without him. She has no money, no friends, no family, no one to turn to, no place to run. She believes him when he says he’ll kill her. She believes him when he says she is no good and no one will ever want her. She believes she deserves to be abused.

When his words are the only ones she hears, they start to define reality for her. He draws her in, compliments her, tells her he wants to do better, that things will be better. Tells her that he loves her. Then things start to change. She can’t seem to please him. She frustrates him. She make him angry. Or at least that’s what he tells her. The truth is, he has moved to a different part of the abuse cycle, the one that terrifies her. The one designed to terrify her. She dreams of leaving but is so very afraid to do so. So she turns her attention to simply surviving. At this point, she’ll do anything just to make the pain stop. He likes it that way. He gets his way, just like he always intended to.

Abusers destroy self-esteem, sense of self, any sense of worth. An abuser’s words not only destroy, but also define and control. The prison bars aren’t real but they are there nonetheless. The never ending cycle of abuse is a dizzying, frightening, one. Once she’s on, she’s likely to have no clue how to get off.

So why does she stay with someone who treats her like dirt? She stays because…

He’s told her that if she leaves, she will regret it forever. He has told her that he will: hurt her, kill her, hurt or kill her children, lie about her, take her children away from her, kill himself and fix it so that everyone will blame her, and so many other things. He tells her these things over and over again and she believes him.
He’s convinced family and friends that she’s either: crazy, abusive, morally corrupt, a bad wife and a worse mother, et cetera.
She is dependent upon him financially either because he’s: bankrupted her and ruined her credit, he’s kept them both in debt up to their eyeballs, he’s the main or only breadwinner, he’s refused to let her work, he’s forced her to work but has kept all of her money himself, her health is compromised from the stress she lives under and she isn’t up to the challenge of holding a job, et cetera.
He really can be a nice guy when he wants to be, when it suits his purposes to be. She wants to believe that that, not the abusive man, is who he really is.
She doesn’t know that there are services available for abused women or they aren’t available where she lives.
She is afraid that he’ll hound her forever through threatening, stalking, et cetera.
She has seen herself through his eyes for so long, she has no idea that she is worthy of being treated with love and respect.
She believes him when he says she causes him to abuse her.
She has a deep seated fear of being homeless.
She believes God will be angry with her if she “gives up” on her marriage.
She believes that her children need their Dad in their lives.
She’s afraid of being charged with desertion should she physically leave her home.
Since so much counseling is on “saving” the marriage at any and all costs, she believes that that should be her focus, too.
She believes her man is basically good…until he drinks, does drugs, has a stressful day at work, and that the abuse is his way of handling or reacting to such things.
She believes that he needs her, that–if she is patient enough–she might be able to “help him” or “change him” and the abuse will end.
The church has taken Malachi 2: 16 out of context and convinced her that divorce is always a sin.
Her abuser has moved her around so often, and has broken her ties to family and friends, so that now she has no one to turn to and no place to go.
The church she attends believes that her abuser is “a good and godly man” who would “never hurt anyone”.
Her pastor told her to go home, pray more, and try harder.
Her church has made it clear that there is nothing that they can do or will do to help her.
She is ashamed of what she has allowed herself to endure, of being treated in such an abasing and humiliating fashion, and she fears having it come to light.
She fears she can never “be free” of her abuser. If she turns to the police, even if he is arrested, there is no guarantee that he will serve any real time, and even if he does, he will one day be out and might come looking for her.
She is afraid of what will happen to her children if her abuser is given joint custody or visiting rights. She reasons that, if she stays, at least she is there with them when they are with him and isn’t leaving them on their own to face his abuse.
She doesn’t know how to handle everything that must be handled in order to find a way out.
One additional thing that I want to say is this: When I say that the church she attends isn’t helping her, I’m not speaking for all churches. I realize that there are churches where God’s love and grace is poured forth to the oppressed. My mother, who herself was a victim of domestic abuse, was blessed to find one. The church heard her story and welcomed her with open arms. They blessed her divorce. A deacon and an Elder went with her when she filed for divorce. They helped her in numerous other ways for several years. Unfortunately most churches aren’t like that.

What additional reasons can you think of that an abused wife might choose to stay with her abuser?

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Operation HIGH JUMP

Immediately after WWII the U.S. Navy rushed launched the largest military operation ever down to Antarctica called Operation High Jump. Admiral Byrd, a 33 degree Freemason led the expedition of 30 ships and 4700 militarized soldiers. The mission had 3 task forces that were sent out in different directions and was to last 6-8 months but the fleet came back in just 6 weeks. Admiral Byrd reported UFO sightings, but that was a public relations ruse, they were really trying to find out about the electromagnetic field above the ice wall and the edge of the dome.
Just several years later the U.S. and the Russians began firing over 49 high altitude thermo nuclear rockets up into the dome with Operation Fishbowl and Dominic.

Rockets went haywire and many had to be aborted as they tried to blast through the dome. In this presentation we chronicle the history of Antarctic expeditions as well as demonstrations of how the dome functions as well as how tidal changes and Sun and Moon movement occur in Flat Earth model.

Then both the Russians and the U.S. signed off on a ban on any more tests of the dome as the space race and the fake moon missions were sold to the world.

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Journey to Antarctica to Find the Dome –

Click above for video (not included here)

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What Caused China’s ‘Floating City’ In The Sky? | Imm

It’s funny because the information given speaks of our eyes and our brains but what about the camera shooting the imagery? Not all cameras are created equal, so why not show a visually superior picture of the actual “nothing”, if there is in-fact “nothing” there?
But let’s dispense with all the speculation… I just love all the techno babble (translated into something our minds can comprehend, no less) to explain this phenomena.
Let them just “make-up” a word/definition combination to hide the truth, yet again.
Oh and another thing, I wouldn’t trust nasa to tie my shoe, let alone tell me any truth.

Thousands of residents from Jiangxi and Foshan in China reported seeing a “floating city” in the sky earlier this month. The images and grainy video footage appear to show towering skyscrapers poking out of the clouds and looming over the ground below.

Of course, the news has got people’s imaginations turned up to overdrive when trying to figure out what was going on. Explanations for the event have ranged from a glitch in the matrix, alternate universes opening up and NASA attempting to establish a new world order through a plan called the “Blue Beam Project”.

However, it appears the explanation is actually a rare type of mirage called Fata Morgana. It’s essentially an optical illusion caused by specific weather conditions bending light rays. As Wired explains, it occurs when the Sun heats up a layer of the atmosphere but the layer of air below it remains cool. When different layers of the atmosphere are different temperatures, a temperature gradient is generated. These different temperatures also mean differing densities between the layers.

When light hits a boundary between two layers of the atmosphere that are different temperatures and thus densities, it is bent, or refracted, and subsequently enters the next layer at a different angle. Our brain can’t automatically account for this, so when light hits our eyes, our brain assumes that it traveled in a straight path. When it has been refracted, we therefore perceive the object is where it would be if the light had run straight – which is higher than it actually is.

Fata Morganas have been confusing people and messing with minds for centuries. They’re named after Morgan le Fay, a powerful enchantress from the tales of King Arthur. It’s believed they are the explanation behind the legendary ghost ship the Flying Dutchman and sailor’s stories of floating castles which lured men to their deaths.

So there you have it. Although, we’ve got our eye on you NASA…

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Brussels Attacks:

Truth or Fiction?
isis? Haha-ha
A certain US president (LoL), called the blasts “outrageous attacks against innocent people” – ***he knows about such things.


Just another day for some, while the end, for others.

R. I. P.

One Life to Live


… is what he has over her.
Sometimes using their baby, sometimes threats of harming himself.
She loves him (only she knows why); could it be because of the little girl they have together?
Over a year ago they came here, there was no baby then, and like usual, things were better. Sure, there was the lack of financial support to me and my wife for “helping” them out, easier to get on their feet that way, I guess.
A year later (thanks to their income tax refunds) they are actually out on their own, with a car as well.

Sadly, the control is still there.
The drama continues.

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America: The Greatest Country (The Newsroom)

I love this episode – and I don’t watch the show.

(sorry I was requested to not embed the video)


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What exactly does this mean; safe if swallowed?


So, I’m guessing (not really) that fluoride itself is NOT safe if swallowed? But to find out, someone needs to call the poison control center, the number is on any package of fluoride containing toothpaste, btw. Or maybe fluoride is just not good for children? But let’s go ahead and make it taste so damn good so that kids will WANT to eat it.
~Baaahd Wolf

One Life to Live Update

Spring Extravaganza

We don’t “do” the national holidays, not in our house. Oh don’t get me wrong we still celebrate something similar to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and the like, but we call them different names, celebrate them on different days and we do different things.
Our “Easter” is as close to the first day of Spring that my work schedule allows. This year, we are “celebrating” today. Example, If this had been the first day of Autumn, then we would be celebrating the infamous Thanksgiving. Giftmas is in July, Valentine’s is any day(s) we choose -a surprise- for the wife and I.

And because today is the day it is, we are having family time. Oh boy, this is NOT going to end well. Some family is better off staying part of someone else’s and not this one.

Stay tuned for more Days of our Lives

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Threatening Words and Behavior is Verbal Abuse

As you can guess, threatening words and behaviors imply or involve emotional pain, physical pain or both. If your partner threatens to leave if you do or don’t do something, that is a threat and verbal/emotional abuse. Some things you could hear are, “If you go out dressed like that I will play wing-man for my friend” or “If you don’t have dinner on the table by 6 tonight, there will be hell to pay.” Any statement that says or implies “If you…then I’ll” is a threat.
Threatening behaviors include playing with or cleaning weapons while looking at you threateningly, blocking you in a room or corner (using their hands to block you is also considered domestic violence), “puffing up” or getting in your face while in conversation. Analyze anything your abuser does that makes your heart skip a beat (not in a good way, but in a bad way). What kind of threat did you just perceive?

Describing your abuser’s action may sound like nothing when repeating it to a friend, but abusers have certain menacing looks and actions known only to their victims. Just because someone else says “That doesn’t sound so bad!” does not mean you were not threatened.

Read more by clicking the link below:

***Take action before it’s too late***