A Better Solar Eclipse Video from March 8-9

Ask and ye shall receive. This video shows what the absurd European Space Agency eclipse version was designed to hide.

They show the Planet X “system” (it’s far larger than Earth and hence has its own moons) and also show spectacular footage of the “cross” visible in the sky in several areas of the planet, which I find fascinating, and reveal the “secret” planetary body both at the beginning and end of the video. Thanks, R, for sharing. Now we know what to watch for.

I suggest you disregard the fear porn about what all the sounds, heavenly bodies, fireballs, animal die-offs, etc. in the video mean. We’re fine.

**Check out the link below for more**


On a more personal note; space is NOT the final Frontier, human imagination is closer to being that “final”.
What people are told is far from reality.


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