My Mac Daddy

My Dad, he does well at being 73 years old, but I gotta say, he is a character at times.
Recently, while visiting him in Florida, it came up on suppertime, him being the type that eats fast food, mentioned Burger King. He doesn’t like the drive through so much so he parked the car and got out while I decided to stay seated. He asked me what I wanted so “jokingly” I asked for a couple of Big Macs. Well to finish up, he came out a couple minutes later waving his fist at me. ***LoL! I didn’t think he would actually ask for a Big Mac at Burger King. hehehe –it is funny though.
Curious if I could get him to ask for a Whopper at McDonald’s.
So from now on, I’m calling him Mac Daddy, not to be confused with mack daddy, mind you. I feel that title suits him well enough.






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