Shocking Survey Reveals How Many Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prison Inmates –

It’s a reality we don’t want to hear, but we’re all at least a little bit complicit in making it so. Technology is taking over the world, and with its many benefits it’s not difficult to see why, but is what we have gained in convenience worth what we have lost elsewhere?

Through a campaign titled Dirt Is Good, UK based laundry detergent marketer Persil is letting us know just how dismal things have gotten. A survey of 12,000 parents worldwide revealed a number of shocking results, including, but not limited to:

74% of youngsters are not allowed to spend an hour outdoors
62% of parents believe their children have less opportunities to be outdoors than they did
77% of parents admitted that their children often refuse to play games not featuring some form of technology
75% report that their children prefer to play sports on a screen than the actual sport itself
54% could not identify an oak tree, while 80% could identify Justin Bieber

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