Georgia Guidestones

Are these stones dictating population Control, or something far less sinister?

The Georgia Guidestones


Nuberg, Georgia

The Georgia Guidestones are a Stonehenge replica of sorts, but also a time capsule, and a Rosetta Stone to mutant societies of the far-flung future. An “American Stonehenge” of the South, the Guidestones are cryptic by design, and of particular interest to mystery fans and conspiracy theorists.

After a concrete Stonehenge replica was completed in Maryhill, Washington, in 1930, no Stonehenges were built stateside for almost 50 years. Then a granite company outside of Nuberg, Georgia, was approached by a mysterious stranger who called himself “R.C. Christian,” which he admitted was a fake name.
The stranger wanted a Stonehenge built — he had a model of it in a shoe box — and had selected Nuberg because it was remote and because it offered good granite. Mr. Christian reportedly left $50,000 in a local bank, told the locals that they would never see him again, and vanished forever.

The citizens of Nuberg, following Mr. Christian’s detailed instructions, erected what are now known as The Georgia Guidestones, on top of a hill in the middle of a cow pasture: four granite monoliths, each nineteen feet tall. The main cluster was completed on March 22, 1980, using granite quarried from nearby Elberton.

On the top stone, carved on the four sides in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Babylonian Cuneiform, it says: “Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason.” On the upright slabs, carved in eight different languages (including Swahili, Hebrew, and Chinese), are Ten Commandments for the coming “Age of Reason,” encouraging visitors to “unite humanity.”

There are specific world population guidelines: “Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with Nature” (we’ve already blown past this cap by six billion). The stones offer up a few heartland no-brainers, such as: “Avoid useless officials,” but other vague Guidestone wisdom, such as “Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity,” could be interpreted, depending on your viewpoint, as a gentle mandate for eugenics or a plug for exercise and cultural variety. The Guidestones finally warn, “Be not a cancer on the earth.”
Just west of the grassy foot of the Guidestones is a flat slab of granite that provides some specs: 951 cubic feet of granite, total weight 237,746 pounds, etc. Particularly strange is the reference: “Time Capsule. Placed six feet below this spot on [BLANK] to be opened on [BLANK].” We don’t really know if the time capsule is there, or for what future generation it is intended. And it probably doesn’t contain a car.

For now, the Georgia Guidestones satisfy oddity tourists more than world-culling cultists. We like to think of the stones as a message from the Future, rather than to the Future — something like, “Be excellent to each other, 21st century dudes!”

Elberton, the “Granite Memorial Capital Of The World,” has a Granite Museum with additional information and an exhibit about the Guidestones.


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