My Toshiba ….


… Windows XP, and Me
People may ask me why, but I still have a deep rooted fondness for Windows XP. Yes, I am well aware that it is old and obsolete. It has many security holes and is no longer supported by microsoft. Such is the life of 15 year old software.

I finally got my “tosh” to see my hard drive with a tweak of the bios. The installation went well (considering). And then *poop*…. no internet. It wouldn’t see my connection. I couldn’t hear any sound. With no Internet just how was I to fix these problems? Luckily there is more than one working computer in this house. My  first searches were no good. Sure I downloaded a driver here a driver there, but nothing worked. I then saw the answers, to all the (immediate) troubles I sought, on another webpage.

Seems like I’m not the only XP lover, out there. A few downloads later,  a transfer to a flash drive, upload to the new (old) system and… Good golly miss molly, I’m in business!
Now, now, before you go all crazy on me because I’m being stupid. The computer isn’t going to stay connected to the net and yes I will have some virus protection installed, just in case.
I wish I could say that I would only connect to download email. But that’s not going to happen. I mean outlook express is (more or less) no more as well. Oh but I’m old fashioned (technology-wise), I liked some of the features I just don’t see any more. Sure we all gotta change, don’t we?
Not to fret, my friend; I still have drives with Win 7, Win 8, and even one with Win 10 kicking around here. Hell, I might even have a drive that has 95 on it. I don’t believe I have Win 3.1 though. Hmmm*******
So here I am attempting to use the windows update utility to get me some (uhh) updates, but sadly, because XP is old and not being supported any longer… It’s a pity, really really sad too.
So unfortunately with Internet Explorer 6 also not supported, how was I to upgrade the browser? Microsoft claims that XP doesn’t work with IE 8, why in the bloody hell does the update utility, offer me an update to Explorer number 8?
So all said and done, updates are commencing, and then I can start with the plethora of older software to play with again.
And at the end of the day most of this jibber jabber about ie8, updates and what-not doesn’t really matter all that much. Immediately after installing the XP operating system, I installed Firefox. LoL

<==<< Should we trust Wikipedia? No, but in this case I am linking, just for general knowledge

And in the end, even this too, shall pass. *g-a-s-p*

But not today


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