How Dangerous are Flame Retardants?

Lisa Beres: Boy, oh boy. They sound good in theory: obviously we all want to protect our loved ones, our homes and ourselves, but flame retardants have really gotten out of control. There is a class of chemicals called brominated flame retardants that had been added for eons to household products. They’re made to inhibit ignition and slow the rate of combustion and ideally reduce the risk of household fires – but they have a very sinister effect on our health.

They’re made since certain materials are naturally flammable, but these flame retardant chemicals can impact the developing brain and have a host of negative health consequences. We are subjected to them constantly since they are in so many household products, permeating our homes. They’re in furniture, they’re in mattresses, they’re in car seats and a lot of strollers, and other children’s products. They’re even in electronics and the cases of cell phones and computers. We are immensely exposed to these chemicals.

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