On Viral Videos and Neuroscience: ASMR

My wife, has her favorite ASMR (uhh) stimuli. I hate wearing headphones, so I haven’t quite got used to it.

On Psychology and Neuroscience

maxresdefault Image from Youtube Channel Fairy Char ASMR

Before going any further with this reading, I recommend to put on headphones, and listen to this video about ASMR.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a ‘low-grade’ euphoria characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation that starts in the head and travels down to the spine, that is triggered by certain acoustic stimuli, for the most part triggered by a whispering voice combined with stimuli such as hair brushing, ear cleaning, or tapping.

Instead of being discovered by the scientific community, contemporary ASMR was first described in a health forum back in October 2007, by the user ‘okaywhatever.’ In a forum post, the user described having experienced a specific sensation since childhood, often triggered by random sounds such as those heard while watching a puppet show or being read a story. Several users replied to the original post with similar experiences to the…

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