Where Those 10 People You Went To Middle School With Are Now

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1. That Girl Who Never Went Through An Awkward Phase And Was Prettier At The Age Of 12 Than You Are Currently

She ended up going to SMU for college and somehow got even prettier (what the fuck?). She is dating a guy whose father found oil off the coast of some country, and she just recently announced that he bought her a golden retriever puppy and a pearl necklace for their two month anniversary. She’s still a bitch and is probably still awful at basic algebra. After her first kid, she’ll finally get fat.

2. The Class Clown Who Literally Always Interrupted Class With Really Dumb (Yet Kinda Funny) Comments

He joined an improv group in college and now works as a bartender somewhere in Los Angeles. He’s mellowed out a bit (read: he smokes a ton of pot now) and says he’s buddies…

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