House Bill 2

It isn’t just about bathrooms, you know

I’m trying to understand this bill…

Is this correct?
A transgender male (to female), is required to use the restroom of the gender she was born with, in this case male. Doesn’t this put “her” in danger from the men in the room? All the while, a transgender female (to male), must use the restroom of the gender he was born with, in this case female. This puts “who” in danger?

Unlike the men’s rooms, where we get to urinate and shower in a communal area (together), women have individual stalls, w/locks (you know, for privacy).

“Fear leads to hate”

[And for the record, WOMEN can be pedophiles as well.]

This “bathroom” bill, might just as well be a “segregation” bill, that’s where it appears to be headed.

divide the people, to control the people


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