Only 6% of Americans trust the mainstream media: All the lies about vaccines, GMOs and false economic statistics are finally sinking in

Six percent too many, if you ask me


Mainstream media

Isabelle Z
April 22, 2016

Americans are growing increasingly disillusioned, as the mainstream media continues to lie to them about vital issues such as vaccines, the economy and GMOs.

While a number of people have been looking at the mainstream media with a skeptical eye for some time now, the majority of the population has generally shrugged this off as they go about their daily lives. However, as the state of affairs in the country continues to head in a negative direction on nearly every front, people are getting fed up with the lies and turning toward independent news sources in greater numbers.

People are no longer stuck settling for one of just three major networks for their news, thanks to the expansion of cable, the internet and smartphones. This helps them move away from government talking points and news tainted by corporate influence.

In fact…

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By Kenneth T.

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