Autism beyond the vaccines.

Appalachian Aspie part two.

For starte rs, all the screams about vaccines and Autism is no different than blue puzzle pieces and “awareness campaigns.” Shoved in our faces to silence and blind people to the truth. But I’ve noticed something. Far too many of the spectrumites singled out for bullying harassment arrest and murder have been black. This is not a racist post. But far too many of the “reports” “studies” “findings” and conversations with doctors and scientists and articles have mentioned it. A big story right now is about how the CDC  had information linking vaccines to Autism, and the reason it was not released-race!! This is beginning to look far too much like eugenics. Shut up about the infantile debate and pay attention. This seems to be more about color than Autism itself. But there is something that makes my blood boil. How people can be so cold that they will stand…

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