How Trustworthy is the Mainstream Media?

Mainstream Media (msm)? More like Baaah News Media. ~Baaahd Wolf


Do the words “whistleblowing” and “journalism” belong in the same sentence? It seems today, the job of the investigative journalist is to dodge career bullets as they write their “explosive” article and toe the proverbial sponsorship line when investigating content.

The Mainstream Media sponsorship of content isn’t something new, but over the last few years, it has become increasingly evident, the extent to which companies such as CNN, MSNBC are so many more media corporations, are doctoring their content to the needs of those higher up. Journalists who opt to report the truth tend to suffer in silence.; and are often kept in the dark about these paid sponsorships. Journalists who dare to present facts away from fiction in the face of conflict-of-interest, journalists who dare have the audacity to report factual content are being silenced, persecuted by peers and sometimes unemployed.

CIA-media partnerships have moved strength to strength since…

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