Thief in the house

Imagine you’re  a 13 year old girl in Middle School. Imagine you’re a 13 year old Autistic girl in Middle School. Did your perception change/shift the slightest bit?

Now imagine struggling through all the social awkwardness of trying to make and keep friends, and no matter how nice you are, you’re always running into less than friendly people who chose to focus on your differences and look past your goodness.

I can only imagine how mentally exhausting a day of school might be. So I might be inclined to think maybe if I was a 13 year old girl with Autism I’d be looking forward to coming home & getting away from school to relax. But in this story she gets to look forward to sibling bickering and being barged in on just for agreeing to share some closet space. Imagine your space and belongings being disrespected and waiting for apologies and others to make it right, but your feelings just continues to get swept under the rug like they are insignificant and unimportant.

Now imagine you’re this girl, and you’ve been saving up your gift cards for a really long time and you’ve finally decided how to spend them. So your parents take you to the store, and you carefully pick out a whole summer wardrobe! Imagine how excited you must be feeling as you wait for the cashier to ring you out! Because you know in 30 minutes or less you’re going to look sooooo cool in your new clothes.

So now I want you to imagine the confusion it causes when you ring out the first gift card, and there is zero balance. So you try another. And another. And another. And then you hear these words- “There is only $5 on all of these cards.”

Can you imagine the confusion? Racking your brain trying to remember if you had made some mistake? The embarrassment of now having to hand back all your clothes to the cashier? The final realization that someone may have STOLEN the money off the cards? The sickening sinking feeling when you consider that the person whole stole the card in the first place actually  CAME BACK and replaced the empty card so not to arouse suspicion? And the heartbreak that comes from being victimized? 

Excuse my language for just a second.
(There’s about to be a lot of it.)

To the fucking cocksucker who came into my home and into my daughter’s room and stole all my little girls money off these cards- there is a special place in hell for your low life skank ass.  I hope you get there sooner rather than later.

And yes, we KNOW it was stolen because the cards were all used at our local stores over a period of 3 days- WHILE THE CHILDREN WERE AT THEIR FATHER’S HOUSE AN HOUR AWAY!!!!

This child has a heart and spirit of gold- and I am truly heart sick that anyone I know could single her out to do this when she already has enough shit to deal with. Fuck the person who has broken her heart, her dad’s and mine.
But then, we believe we know who was responsible, we are just unable to prove it… at this time.


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