CASHLESS SOCIETY TRAINING : Schools Install Orwellian Finger Print Scanners to Buy Lunch and the Children Love It



Source: Baran Hines

Biometrics and identification technologies are key parts of the emerging global police state as governments begin implementing searchable databases for personal information. As America transitions into a militarized police state, government systems using this technology are becoming increasingly common.

While privacy concerns have become more common in mainstream discussion, most Americans are likely unaware of the effects that biometric identification systems will have on society. Recent examples include the controversy about the Transportation Security Administration rejecting driver’s licenses as identification at the airport for travelers from states that have not complied with the Real ID Act of 2005. The Real ID, passed after the September 11th terrorist attacks, mandated security upgrades including digital biometric standards for identification documents.

Department of Homeland Security officials announced in January that they would not enforce the deadline until at least 2018 as more than half of the states and U.S. territories…

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