Are Your Kids Eating Too Many Treats? How to Cut Down

Bumbles of Rice

A press release from Safefood arrived in my inbox yesterday morning  as I left the house for work, another chapter in their campaign against childhood obesity.

“New safefood research reveals giving treats to children still a daily habit” was as much as I read initially. I thought about it on my hour-long drive.

It really didn’t surprise me, a daily habit, surely meaning one treat a day isn’t outside the realms of the reasonable is it?

I spent the hour-long trip to work thinking about treats  (this isn’t uncommon for me, I often spend hours at a time thinking about treats, but that’s for another post) and how much “treat food” my kids actually eat.

Despite all my healthy-eating obsessiveness when I step back I realise that they do get some class of a treat most days, be it a yogurt, an ice-pop,  a biscuit, bun or a banana cookie in their…

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