Hyperloop Prepares for Historic Public Demo [Travel Under UN Agenda 21?]

I was curious, until the mention of agenda 21; now I’ve lost interest.


Gotta Go Fast! Hyperloop Prepares for Historic Public Demo

Susanne.Posel-Headline.News.Official- hyperloop.elon.musk.la.san.fran_occupycorporatismSusanne Posel, Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One start-up is gearing up to show off just how fast humans can travel.

Musk described the Hyperloop as the fifth mode of transportation. Beyond the four modes of current transportation (boats, planes, cars and trains), the Hyperloop would move 3 to 4 times faster than the bullet trains built across the globe; meaning it would travel at twice the speed of an average commercial airliner.

As far as speed is concerned, Ahlborn said the Hyperloop is limited to a maximum of 1 G force.

G force is not measurable in miles per hour because it is the feeling of acceleration or deceleration at any given speed. For example, when riding an elevator and arise to the desired floor, the instant sinking feeling in the stomach is a mild reaction to G…

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