Security in the land of the free

In the land of the f(r)ee…

Government Security Fee
Government Imposed Charges
Government-Imposed September 11th Security Fee

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a division of the Department of Transportation, has mandated that all U.S. airlines add a security fee to all tickets sold on or after October 1, 2003. This government-imposed fee, called the “September 11th Security Fee,” will be used to pay the government’s cost for providing Federal civil aviation security services. This includes training, salaries, and benefits for the Federal security screeners and law enforcement personnel, as well as the Federal Air Marshal program.

The government-imposed September 11th Security Fee will apply to all airline tickets, including frequent flyer award travel, and will be calculated at $5.60 per one-way trip.

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What  security do we get for this payment?
We pay them (and they participated in “the deed”), I’m sure they love it all the way to the bank.

Can you tell that I don’t fly very often. Just another thorn in my ass.

Thank you for nothing, big brother dear.


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