My wife, the snake, and chicks, Oh my!

Just had our first snake in the tub incident, just minutes ago (yep, it’s true), too. My wife acted pretty much like this, screaming her head off “there’s a snake in the tub, there’s a snake in the tub”. Me taking my time (because that’s what I do, Mr calm and collected) had to come to the rescue. Mind you, I know why this snake is there, I just don’t know how he got there, unless it was up through the drain – which was plugged. We had just got a batch of chicks delivered two days ago and we have them in the tub until we have their brooder ready.


-Sadly one of the chicks was killed by this snake.- My wife is screaming her head off, the snake is flipping out. My wife goes to get a broom and dust pan, handing me the dust pan…. Uhhh…. I don’t think that’s gonna work for me. LoL! The snake is shaking it’s tail all the while so now she is convinced it’s a rattler (because she can hear it rattle). *sigh*
I capture the bloody beasty and put him in a coffee can


and then transport him down the road from where I live. And off he goes released back into the wild.


All in all we sadly lost a baby chicken and now my wife is afraid to use the bathroom.


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5 Responses to My wife, the snake, and chicks, Oh my!

  1. Anne Ciaccio says:

    Karen’s description on FB had me dying at work this morning.. what kind of snake do you think this was?


    • Kenneth T. says:

      Karen says rattler, but I’ve also heard copper mouth. I don’t know snakes, I just know it had to go. Karen screaming, I’m trying to catch it and she hands me a dust pan? LoL
      Would have made a funny video.


  2. Cris says:

    So sorry you lost the baby chick… Very brave and valiant actions with the snake. Yes, it would take me a long time to return to a bathroom where I found a snake! I don’t blame your wife…


  3. Helga paquin says:

    Did the latrine pass the sgt. Karen inspection this morning? Lol


  4. Jona says:

    Ѕaved as a favorite, Іreally like your Ƅlоg!


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