Windows 10: less than 15 per cent of those who can upgrade have bothered

I use win 7 almost exclusively, but I do hgave a laptop with xp on it. If and when I am forced to go to 10, it’ll be goodbye windows, hello apple.


windows 10 111111111111111

Overall, more of us are using Windows. Just not Windows 10

MICROSOFT’Saggressive sales tactics for Windows 10 still aren’t working, as the operating system gained just two percentage points in the Netmarketshare figures for the month just gone.

The numbers show Windows 10 at 17.43 per cent, up 2.09 per cent from last month. An impressive feat, tempered by the fact that Microsoft is giving away the operating system and making it difficult to say no.

Also notable is that Windows XP still clings onto 10.09 per cent (-0.54) of the market and has dropped only 4.51 per cent since this time last year.

Yeah, that’s right. We’ve worked out the year-on-year stats. Deal with it.

Windows 7 continues to rule the roost with a 48.57 per cent share actually up a smidgeon on last month (+0.75) and down just 9.19 per cent on this time last year.


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