It’s Not About THE News, It’s About ANY News

I wasn’t given permission to post this but it’s to good to pass it up. No attribution, except for initials.

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—Including the Common Drill

In the following video they reveal something we may not have considered much. Sure, we see “Candy Crush” and the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on Facebook, and the stories about the game hunters murdering wild animals that miraculously have pet names—as distractions, but maybe it is more common in life than we thought.

I think many of us are comfortably numb to much of it now, particularly on the Internet. Yawn and ho-hum. Another fake shooting. Another child mauled by a lion. CERN is birthing demons. We don’t even waste our time, but the television is a powerful tool when viewers don’t know who their masters are.

For the real perps of this crime, however, it’s “business” as usual. There is a mutually beneficial partnership we may not have understood.

Seems most have long forgotten that the mass media has a duty to report the TRUTH—not investigate staged events and the common “drill” which they pass off as real.

When nearly all the media is owned and controlled by wealthy and influential corporations who only care about money and control, they have a monopoly on truth and reality unless The People choose otherwise.

That could be a tall order considering TVs continue to get bigger and more engaging, and cheap enough that most families have multiple sets in the home.  ~ BP


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