OPEN LETTER To Marriott Hotels About Their CHEMTRAIL ART

I’ve had more than my share of these chemical “lines” bring drawn. Bring back real clouds.


From Chemtrails Must Stop


Marriott Hotel room

Dear Marriott Hotel Senior Management,

We recently saw on the Internet where Marriott Hotel rooms are being decorated with artwork with skies that have chemtrails in them.  Please understand that such an artistic rendition of the sky is tantamount to a photo of the smokestacks at coal-fired power plants which emit all kinds of foul pollutants.  Here’s an example of such a repulsive photo.

A coal burning power plant.

A coal-burning power plant.

Now here’s why we are really writing this open letter to you.  The EPA mandates that the coal fly ash be removed from the smoke using special equipment in the smokestacks because it is a hazardous waste.  Coal fly ash in fact has a high quantity of aluminum oxide which, when hydrated in the atmosphere, converts it into a chemically mobile form of aluminum that can be easily breathed by humans and animals, as…

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