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While waiting for a flight at JFK Airport recently, what I saw around me was downright frightening.
Nine out of the 10 people I saw while buying a bottle of water were purchasing chips, candy, cookies, 5-hour energy drinks and/or soda of some kind.  The tenth person was buying Tylenol!
As I waited at the gate for boarding to start, I observed that every single person that walked by (with the exception of just two) was overweight.
Many had trouble walking and “waddled,” and a good number seemed to be in pain.
And all I could think to myself was, “Here is early death all around me.”
If I’ve even remotely described you, read this email in its entirety.
Because this is your wake-up call…before it’s too late and you can no longer wake up.
The hefty price of our processed food existence
The typical processed, fast and junk food diets that many people have are so positively horrendous that they cause an absolute train wreck of ill health effects in your body.
I’m not just talking about a few unlucky people—a diet of processed, refined foods harms EVERYONE in one way or another.
And the health price is getting increasingly complex—it’s not just carrying an extra five or 10 pounds anymore.
Instead, we’re facing a diet-induced intricate collection of factors that greatly increases your risk of dying way before your time…and living a life medicated and in pain before you do kick the bucket.
Here’s what I mean—let me introduce you to “cardiometabolic risk.”
Cardiometabolic risk
Cardiometabolic risk is a cluster of factors that dramatically increases your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease or stroke.
Although there are several factors involved here, the three most significant are:
Metabolic syndrome
Here’s the part that each of these plays in inviting disease and early death to come knocking at your door:
1. Metabolic syndrome
Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of health issues that spells TROUBLE.  It includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and a high concentration of belly fat (being an “apple shape”).
Having one of these issues is serious by itself, but having two or more exponentially increases your risk of early death.
2. Inflammation
Many people are walking around in a state of chronic inflammation, and this takes an incredibly harmful toll on your body.
Chronic inflammation can trigger many health problems including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, joint problems, back problems, headaches, digestive problems, nerve pain and high blood pressure.
3. Obesity
When you are obese, your body absolutely cannot function the way it’s supposed to.
The excess weight puts a tremendous strain on your muscles, bones and joints—so obese people are more susceptible to joint issues, arthritis and problems with mobility.
Plus it is more stressful for your heart to pump blood through an obese body.
In addition, being obese makes it more difficult for your body to accomplish digestion and clear wastes.  The toxicity that results increases your risk of gallstones and kidney stones, it stresses your liver to have to filter wastes from your bloodstream and makes you an excellent home for tumors to develop.
You can fight back!
Although cardiometabolic risk paints a truly frightening picture, there is plenty you can do to protect yourself!
Here are three important steps you can take to help reduce your risk of early death:
1. Move on a regular basis
Nothing makes you shed excess pounds, strengthens your heart, expels disease-causing wastes and helps minimize aches and pains better than regular exercise.
You don’t have to get fancy—even brisk walking is incredibly helpful and nearly everyone can do that.
Get your doctor’s OK and get moving—your life may just depend on it.
2. Keep it real
Concentrate on real foods, being sure to incorporate lots of fresh fruits, vegetables other than corn and potatoes, and whole grains into your diet, as well as meats (preferably organic), and healthy fats like real butter and olive oil.  Also, choose water over soda or other processed, sweetened drinks.
If this seems overwhelming, start by making just one healthier choice a day—such as opting for carrot and celery sticks instead of chips, having a side salad with your entree instead of fries, or having an apple for a snack instead of a candy bar.
And most importantly, take an outstanding, top of the line probiotic like Super Shield.  Not only do probiotics help keep your BMs more regular (which will help you eliminate wastes and excess cholesterol), but they also help enhance nutrient absorption, which is crucial if you’re trying to lose weight!
3. Get enough Omega-3 EFAs
Omega-3 essential fatty acids give a one-two punch to your cardiometabolic risk.
First of all, Omega-3 EFAs are Nature’s anti-inflammatory.  So they can help quiet any disease-causing chronic inflammation you may have going on inside of you.
Plus they can also help counteract insulin resistance too!
In addition to eating fatty fish, a high quality, Omega-3 formula like VitalMega-3 can help ensure you have enough of these crucial nutrients.
Fight back against cardiometabolic risk and help keep yourself feeling great well into your golden years!

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