Giftmas 2016

Here at the Taylor House, we celebrate our version of Christmas (much like the traditional/commercialized one) in July. We don’t call it Christmas, but instead have renamed, it for our purposes, to Giftmas. Yes, we put up a tree, decorating it like everyone else. Yes, we put up a few outdoor lights, we are the only ones in the neighborhood with a colorful house in July. Yes, we also wrap up gifts to be given out to family members (mostly the children).
Ahh Giftmas ***
So I’m in the middle of the yearly purchasing fiasco, putting the usual strain on the old credit accounts. But at the end of the day, everything will be right as rain. I am sure of that.
Got a request for Japanese candy, of all things. LoL! I never knew that it was a big seller, but sure enough, Amazon sells the stuff. It must be popular, foreign candy that is. You can get candy from places I’ve never even heard of.
I (sorta) like it this way, I don’t have to worry about the newest hottest games, toys, or what nots. You know, all that great stuff that comes out just before Christmas – the stuff that will most surely be broken and/or forgotten in a month or two. I don’t worry about those things. You see, while we do Giftmas in July, the kids will also have the more traditional Christmas when they spend time at their dad’s house in December. So for the kids, it’s the best of both worlds.

My biggest problem is what to get the wife. Hmmmm
*** No suggestions please, she reads this blog…….. I think. *** LoL


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