How and why to meditate. Simple techniques to start your mindful journey

There’s are plenty of meditative techniques, starting from Buddhists to mindfulness meditations. The main idea of all of them is to stop compulsive thinking and to fully focus on ONE particular thing at a time.  It could be a simple concentration on the present moment, contemplating a sacred Mandala, listening to mantras, or even kiteboarding lesson. You can use traditional authentic techniques or create your own way to meditate, whichever best works for you.  There are no rules, everything is possible and allowed. 


 Our minds constantly circulate in between past and future. We are almost never fully present at the moment. Even trying to do yoga or meditate we often slip into involuntary thinking. In fact, meditation is about achieving a mental stillness, about calming mind for a while to creating a certain mental space. We need that quiet space to unwind, to heal and recover, to be able to create or perceive something new.

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