Introducing the Sexualization Indoctrination Conspiracy in USA

Interesting thought just crossed my mind; how about parents pay attention to what they buy their kids and what they wear? That would be a great start.

Culture Creation Exposed

I saw this post at GodLikeProductions – could not have said this better myself:

Are we all familiar with the “Pink” clothing line from Victoria’s Secret? Since 2004, they’ve featured lounge, track, and pajama pants with the word “Pink” prominently lettered across the buttocks area of the pants, and blaze the phrase, “Love Pink”, on some of their other clothing.

From the very first day that I saw women and young ladies donning the “Pink” clothing line, my mind immediately jumped to “Sexualization Indoctrination Conspiracy”. Sure, the old consensus follows that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, however, I feel that the clothing line represents far more than simply embracing this cultural norm.

To those unaware, “pink,” has traditionally carried a strong sexual connotation. “Pink” has been a long-time euphemism for the female genitalia. “Love Pink”? Most heterosexual men do! Pun definitely intended.

A women’s rear-end, of…

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