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Television doesn’t make you fat, sugar does… 

FED UP is a documentary directed by Stephanie Sontag highlighting the issue of obesity in America. It blames the food industry for filling it’s “low fat” products with sugar, thus causing the obesity epidemic. The film follows the stories of four overweight children and the battles they face every day with food and their society. Along with a multitude of interviews with doctors and professionals, the film has the perfect formula to create a compelling argument.

Recently, I sat down to watch the ninety-five minute documentary; however, if you don’t have that kind of time up your sleeve the two-minute trailer will suffice.

By the end of it, I was genuinely concerned for the health and wellbeing of my children. The even more concerning thing about the previous statement is that I don’t have any children. I am an eighteen-year-old female who doesn’t…

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