Monsanto Suffers Court Ruling: 2018 Onwards, Cancer Labelling of All Glyphosate Products to Occur


It has been confirmed that all products containing glyphosate, in the state of California, will be labelled with a cancer warning from 2018 onwards. A judge ruled last week against Monsanto, and will now go ahead providing the ruling is upheld for one year.

Judge Kristi Kapetan ruled that all products with the active ingredient glyphosate – not just Roundup – will require labelling that suggests the chemical as a “probable cancer cause.”

Reports last week documented Monsanto’s argument against the ruling, saying that it is a decision that violates the constitution and will ultimately hinder Monsanto’s sales. Last year, Monsanto made 3.5 billion dollars from global sales of their weed killers.

Trenton Norris, Monsanto’s attorney further argued in court that the prior United Nation’s French-based branch, the International Agency for Research on Cancer – a part of the World Health Organization – claims of glyphosate as “a probable human…

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