10 things to tell my son before he is 16

Maybe a little late for me as my son turns sixteen in two weeks. But then I have blogged this before, so maybe it really is my fault if he doesn’t know. 


Time will pass you by in a blink of a moment.  It seems like just yesterday when we took this picture.  Fast forward 3 years, and our youngest son Ethan is now 6, Beau is 8 and our oldest Jack will soon be 10.  The time of dressing like a super hero and showing off your muscles is long gone.  However, while they are still young, I have a lot to teach these kids, but lets start with these 10 things:

1- How to respect a car and fix a car before they get one.  They need to know that it is not a toy.  A car requires work to keep it looking nice.

2- Open a door for your mom, your sister and your date!  (And go out of your way to do it!) 

3- Shake someone’s hand when you meet them – you don’t need to wait for them to reach out.  Reach out to them instead.   Look them in the eye, too.

4- Accept a compliment!   If someone says that you played a great game, just say thank you.   Don’t criticize yourself.

5- As the great basketball coach Jimmy Valvano stated,  “Don’ t give up! Don’t ever give up.”  You don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to try your best.


(check it all out by clicking the link below) 







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