Another hole in the wall

Anger; yesterday (Feb 16) my son was fifteen, stayed home from school for being sick again. About four in the afternoon, he started pleading with his mum to let him go to his friends house, “they will even come to pick me up”, says he. The problem is that he is still contagious with strep throat and he’s not going anywhere. He cries “just let me gooo”, instead it’s “go to your room” that he hears. Up off the couch he jumps, proceeds across the room, punching the wall and storms off to his room, slamming the door. 

Today, it’s like nothing ever happened, except there is a fist size hole where the wall should be. 


Today, he turned sixteen…






2 responses to “Another hole in the wall”

  1. thelazydystopian Avatar

    The hardest job in the world is parenting. You work, you slave, you bleed, you cry and you sigh…and then one day you’re watching your child go through the exact same motions. My thoughts are with you.


    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Sadly, I don’t believe he sees me as a parent, just the guy that married his mom. But, I am the bread winner, I put a roof over his head, shoes on his feet, and food in his belly.

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