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Fractals- Hunting the Hidden Dimensionis an extraordinary documentary on YouTube explaining the nature of our world and technology in detailed and easy-to-understand way. It is a great resource for both those who are new to the concept of sacred geometry and those who are already familiar.

www.cosmometry.netis “exploring the fractal and holographic nature of the cosmos” through a well-organized and perhaps more advanced approach.

www.internalstargate.comis a peculiar website / project that I have yet to fully discover myself. It encompasses just about every aspect of sacred geometry alongside other oddities of existence and viewpoints of ascension.

www.spiraloflight.comincludes colorful visuals and interesting information about more than just the math behind the miracle, putting the math into motion and contexts in which you can better understand its function in our world.

www.ancient-wisdom.comdiscusses deeper aspects of the geometry…

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