*** New Arrivals ***

Sometimes accidents happen, because if we did it right, we wouldn’t call ourselves the Accidental Farmer, at all.
I wake up this morning and head out to feed our animals, and what do I see?  

A lovely new flock has appeared where there were none before. We now have fourteen new chicks to add to our collection. 

You see, we already have sixteen young adult layers complete with two roosters, that we keep in our back yard. Then we have the two pesky boys that we keep confined – because they love to pick on the lone survivor of our meat chickens from about three years ago, so we keep those two boys penned up. We have “The Waffle House” which is a retirement home for our oldest chickens to live  out their days in peace away from trouble of everyday life. There are about seven hens together with Waffles (the oldest rooster we have). Then we have two more roosters and about nine  or ten hens “free-ranging” around the rest of the yard.

Apparently one of the hens had snuck off and hatched out a clutch of chicks without us even knowing she was missing.

So here we have a whole new generational collection. LoL

*** We were lucky this time; the last time a hen disappeared, and then reappeared with chicks, we couldn’t capture her or her clutch and one by one those chicks disappeared never to be seen again, even though, the mama did return. This time, we were able to capture them all and put them away for safe keeping.
~ so ends day one. 😉 


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  1. This is exciting. Take more photos of the babies

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