Broody hens

Recently, we had one of our “older” girls return to the yard with a clutch of chicks, with her. 

Remember this picture, from a few days ago?

Well now, we have not one, but two, more broody hens. This hen (now called Ms. Broodypants1), 

is sitting on 14 eggs. ***I just now moved her into this enclosure to make her more transportable, and to free up the “favorite”  nesting box of our egg laying girls. 

This hen (Ms. Broodypants2), 

is actually sitting on nothing. I don’t think she realizes. She gets very mad and pecks my hand when I look to see if she is sitting on anything. Haha, silly girl.
I am going to take a few of Ms. Bp1’s eggs, and give them to Ms. Bp2, to give her something to take care of.

Just another day, down at the Taylor Farm. Gotta love it. 





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