The Anti-Science Myths Of The Left: Overpopulation & Resource Scarcity

A visit to the flipside of the overpopulation problem.
Is “it” a problem, after-all? Hmmm

Tai-Chi Policy

Recently Bill Nye’s Netflix show concluded with a final episode that discussed one of the left’s favorite myths, overpopulation, and yet more ways to try and control population growth – one of the left’s favorite activities when they fall into the pattern of thinking that the problem is too many humans of the wrong sort. While that is a road that leads down to many of the atrocitiesleftist governments have perpetrated in the past few centuries, I think it’s worth pointing out just how much of an anti-science myth the left’s notion of overpopulation is.

  • The myth was popularized by Paul Ehrlich in 1968 in his book, The Population Bomb, which predicted mass starvation and water shortages through the 1970s and 1980s, with a population boom, followed by a population bust from all of the ensuing problems.
  • Obviously, that didn’t happen. The predictions were dead wrong.
  • The fundamental…

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  1. God's Geocentric Creation. Avatar
    God’s Geocentric Creation.

    It blows me away that the Georgia Guide Stones are still standing.


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