This Might Sound Stupid, But… Where Does All the Weight Go When I Lose It? - by F. Kaskais

The mirror suggests it; the scales confirm it: You have, through hardcore dedication and/or a terrible stomach virus, managed to lose some weight. But… lose it where? Where does the fat actually go? Do we digest it? Poop it out? Is it sacrificed to appease the appetites of the ancient Sumerian god of fitness, Sixx-Pak?

“Very simply speaking, our bodies are a lot like a car,” explains nutritionist and personal trainer Sean Salazar. Just like putting gas in your car, he explains, that food you’re putting into your body is used as fuel. Unlike your car, though, when you consume way more food than you need, you store it in your body as fat — i.e., excess fuel. In other words, picture a slightly clunky old sedan (or gleaming sports car, depending upon your level of self-esteem) with a bunch of bulging gas cans uselessly tied…

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By Kenneth T.

My blog, My way Welcome to a little piece of my life. Here you will find things concerning my everyday experiences and or my thoughts on everyday happenings. For instance you may find thoughts of my Farmstead, which is as my wife calls it, our Accidental Farming life. Perhaps on a whim, I might just jump on a soap box about what's going on with my crazy family (the immediate one, that is).~You don't need to put a penny in the coin slot for any commentary there~ You may find, new additions to what I call "Hobby-time". Ahh yes, my hobby... I make pinback buttons (some call them badges). Sorry for the shameful plug ;-) *** And then there is the outside the box or "Offtrack" thinking, part of me. Which can be anything else from aliens to the zoology of the Loch Ness monster, but will probably be more mundane as health concerns, for instance, to vaccinate or not. Is the Earth Flat or is it Hollow? Is there a dome? Is any of it real? Do you really want to know? Police brutality and the continuing corruption of established government, Big Business, Big Oil, Big Brother. Can we survive? Should we survive? The coming montrary collapse. There is so much going on, more then we see outside our windows.

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