15 Clues Someone Might Actually Be A Psychopath Or Has Psychopathic Tendencies: (We’re Discussing YOU!)

I know someone who sounds like this… and then some.


It’s not uncommon to call someone “psycho,” but just like many other mental health terms that get thrown around, the term is often misused. However, there are people who are actually psychopaths, and if you’re concerned someone you know might be one, you can look out for certain clues that someone has psychopathic tendencies. Although sometimes used interchangeably with sociopath, a psychopath differs because they don’t have a conscience, which can make them hurtful to others and sometimes dangerous — although unlike what the movies would make you believe, not all are violent or murderers.

The term “psychopath” is actually not used in the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders handbook. Instead, the DSM — which is used to categorize and diagnose mental illness — uses the blanket term “Antisocial Personality Disorder.”

“The definition and usage of the term psychopath has morphed over time,” says clinical psychologist…

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