Convincing and Convenient Vs. Lethal To Humans and Other Life


Shocking Reasons Why Countries Are Banning Microwave Ovens

See attached article on Microwave Oven Dangers below Intro article

Intro by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Why is America now the Sickest Nation on the Planet … Untold Truths

Let me set the stage here …

What is about to be presented to you will not shock those who follow The Liberty Beacon Project or other great sources of truly Independent Media … But for those of you new to this type of information please understand … ALL that I state here is researchable on this very forum (and other great forums) for the facts! I do not state ANYTHING that TLB cannot backup, regardless of how extreme it may seem to your state of programmed ignorance!

With that being said …

The more research we do today via this God send called the internet, the more information we uncover relating to the hidden…

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