Visitation #1 (day one) 

This is day number one of (I’ll call him) “Matt” visiting his daughter. It has been nearly 6 months since he has spent any real time (and that was only a day) with his daughter and before that, a year.

In the mediation, we agreed to allow him the days surrounding her birthday, so here he is to collect on that promise. I hope he is ready for poopy diapers and sleepless nights (just for starters), and I KNOW he isn’t.

I worry for my granddaughters safety. He has proven that he is not capable of taking care of a child (let alone himself) he is taking her overnight (supervised) and he plans to take her to the ocean tomorrow? ***ish

He isn’t allowed to leave the state, but you never can trust disgruntled fathers that have physiological problems. I worry…


What can ya do? Even with his background of drug abuse, physical abuse, physiological problems, criminal activity, lying, cheating, (I’m leaving a lot out)… we don’t want to deny him his parental responsibilities. ***whatever*** (rolling eyes) 

I know he isn’t capable, but in the eyes of the  law it must be proved that he is unfit and unworthy.
What can you do?

***Day number one comes to the close***





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