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Antibiotics: Side Effects and Alternatives

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Source: Kelly Brogan MD July 15, 2017 We use a lot of antibiotics. For coughs, cuts, urinary tract infections, and many times “just in case.” You could be considered reckless or ignorant if you opted…

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Cancer In The Water

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TheBreakaway July 22, 2017 The following short video is shared for your consideration given its importance, especially since many people are drinking toxic water and don’t know about it. ______________________________________________ Over a million people in rural…

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CNN host shocked to learn US meddled in 81 elections in 47 countries [VIDEO]

? Published on Jul 21, 2017 Michael Smerconish just did a segment on CNN with the banner reading, ‘International Intervention: Has the US meddled in other countries’ elections?’ In the segment, Smerconish’s…

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How to Get Rid of Pests and Bugs the Buddhist Way

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Photo by Kate Brady Kill that impulse! Here are compassionate Buddhist solutions for your favorite pests, without killing them. By Allan Badiner Good news and bad news. The bad news first: No, you do not…

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Video (otw) ***My Dinner with Andre

​My dinner with Andre **inconceivable! 

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Remember when food was edible

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I remember when all foods were organic and edible Before the GM foods and all the added chemicals, I remember not having to worry about what was in food Except the natural ingredients that nature provides.…

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Guilt Tripping

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WE ALL DO AND SAY THINGS WE LATER REGRET especially in the heat of the moment when we’ve been provoked by someone else’s words or actions that upsets us. It’s not until after we’ve cooled…

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Overcoming the chair-loving lifestyle: What to do throughout the day to keep sitting from ‘killing’ you

Originally posted on 2012 The Awakening:
? Adriana Velez Lifehacker Thu, 06 Jul 2017 17:00 UTC © Getty We’ve all heard the bad news that sitting will kill you. That might be a slight exaggeration, and hey, we’re all going to…

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“P” in this cup… 

So tonight I’m at work minding my own business when the new EHS (environment health and safety) officer comes into the control room and introduces himself and then,  wouldn’t you know it, he asks for me by name. Oh yeah, … Continue reading

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Video (otw) Hello Again

*what can I say, I love this song Cars

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