“P” in this cup… 

So tonight I’m at work minding my own business when the new EHS (environment health and safety) officer comes into the control room and introduces himself and then,  wouldn’t you know it, he asks for me by name. Oh yeah, it’s time… I am hit for a random drug screening. Haha! This company loves wasting its money.

***it’s NOT that random here, not at all***

But any way, like I said, a waste of company money… me? hahahaha There are others (many) that are know to use the occasional illigal substance, but I’m not one of them. It’s great to be stereotyped (me with the long hair and piercings) yeah, he’s a druggie. hahahaha

Honestly though, if I was, I surely wouldn’t work here. Hell, I don’t even like taking over the counter OR prescribed crap. 

But never they mind. 

What a joke






One response to ““P” in this cup… ”

  1. stuartbramhall Avatar

    What a massive invasion of privacy – and what a great pity that American unions have become totally toothless.


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