*custody battle* The Return of the Grandbaby

So… father (never been a “daddy” to this baby)  dearest is supposed to be returning our grandchild today. *Yes, it’s been two weeks already. – I never would have agreed to letting him take her out of state, but I’m trying to play nice, and all…

But guess what? Yesterday he tells my wife he wont be able to bring her home until Friday. He CLAIMS he will be fired if he takes the time off. Ummmm… He arranged the date for picking her up, what happened to arranging the date for returning her? It’s not our fault that he lives several states away (ran back to mamas house waaaay back – close to two years ago, now), essentially abandoning her to our daughter.

Also, in the “written agreement” he is supposed to have his mother with him when picking up/dropping off our grand child (not verbatim), the last time he came, he had two friends with him. He “borrowed” our car seat and it was supposed to be returned right after he was dropped off at the train station. That was two weeks ago, and still no car seat.

~ a liar AND a thief he is, ***and we have police reports to back that statement up as well.

I could go on…  but… 

*** to be continued ***





8 responses to “*custody battle* The Return of the Grandbaby”

  1. turnipsforbreakfast Avatar

    That’s very rough – sorry to hear.

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  2. blondieaka Avatar

    I hope by now your grand baby has been returned safe and well..Thank you for the follow 🙂

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Yes, our granddaughter has been returned to us, a few days later than expected, but she is back. My wife was prepared to fly up there, if we didn’t see her returned safely. Me? oh no, things would have gotten ugly, if I had gone to get her.
      Thank you, for your concern.

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      1. blondieaka Avatar

        It is a worry though isn’t it? It isn’t fair on anyone to do that it causes upset 🙂

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    1. Kenneth T. Avatar

      Thanks for the reblog

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      1. Grandtrines Avatar

        You are welcome!


  3. Kooky Chic Avatar
    Kooky Chic

    That is so tough.


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