Something wicked this way comes (no, not the movie) 

Weather wars (designed for maximum destruction) 

I’m not in the direct path, but I’m close enough (especially for a catagory 5 – is anywhere really safe?). My wife is taking the kids north to New Hampshire. Me? Nope, I’m staying. Yes, my life has value. 

***Have faith, all things will work out.  





2 responses to “Something wicked this way comes (no, not the movie) ”

  1. RonMamita Avatar

    Yes, I and my family are in the path or on the “watch status” and prepared for the winds as best we can.
    Be safe.

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  2. Lola Zee Avatar

    Hey please check out my latest post on my blog…What’s your story?…read and drop your comment,you never know you would get inspiration from your story…check comment area for mine!


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