Taming your Tupperware!

We have a “plastic” problem here.
The time is long overdue to take control…

Bee Organized with Pamela

Tupperware, takeout containers, butter tubs, Rubbermaid…

No matter what you call them they are plastic food containers.

Love them or hate them I find that they are both a major part of every kitchen and the bane of many of my clients.

plastic containers no lids 5-25Does this sound like your house? Do you have a mountain of them? Do you open a cabinet and they crash down on your head, fall all over the floor? Do you have them stashed in your lower cabinets?

Dinner is over, you are clearing the table, you have leftovers that your know will be perfect for lunch tomorrow or dinner. So you open a drawer and dig around. Finally find the right size, fill it up with your leftovers only to discover you can’t find the lid?

Where is the darned lid?

No lid?

News flash a plastic food container with NO lid is just a crappy…

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