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Monkey Money & Monkeynomics science experiment.
Have you heard about the Monkeys with Money Experiment!
I had not, and perhaps you haven’t either.
That is why I wanted documentation that a monkey money experiment actually happened.
While many will laugh, the serious implications are not funny when you relate the study to what we observe in so-called modern society.

A quick internet search revealed studies with Capuchin monkeys learning to use money to buy food, theft, and later females prostituted themselves for money…

Is The Human Experience A Experiment?

After pondering the results of this social experiment, I see the money curse, when used as scarcity.
Think about it in detail:
The money masters (scientists) are protected from the test subjects…
The money masters (scientists) have caged the subjects (restricted travel)…
The subjects (in the wild) had free travel…
The subjects (in the wild) had abundant food…

The monkeynomics game experiment starts at minute 2:13

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By Kenneth T.

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