Winter 2018

I survived the blizzard of Coastal Georgia 2018 I know! I know! That’s no blizzard! Hey now, we don’t get snow like that “here” at least (from what I was told – the last time was in 1989). I’ve only been here since 1996 sooo… there’s that. *** and for the record *** I do… Continue reading Winter 2018

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People  see what they want to see… 

… when they want to see it. ******* (credit: studio 100 animation)  Parents cried foul after an episode of the cutesy cartoon showed a sneaky penis loitering in the background woodwork, resulting in Netflix pulling the episode titled ‘King Willi’. The production company behind the show have now responded to the episode, and it all… Continue reading People  see what they want to see… 

Anatomy of Slavespeak 

THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK © Copyright 1997 By Frederick Mann, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Note  The original title of this report was “Gulliver’s Travels and Alice in Wonderland.” Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels, was a most advanced freethinker, centuries ahead of his time. He questioned all aspects of religion and politics, particularly in his book… Continue reading Anatomy of Slavespeak