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Video (otw) Genesis ~1986

Land of confusion Advertisements

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If Siri existed in the 80’s

If Siri existed in the 80’s

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The 5 Types of Bullies Adults Face (and How to Stop Them)

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Originally posted on The Perks of being Different:
The main reason why I hated school was because of this one subjects: “Physical Education”. For 3 hours in a week I got the chance to embarrass myself during basketball, high jumping…

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Open letter to cockroaches

Originally posted on katelynskyebennett:
Of all the bugs with which I’ve shared a home, cockroaches are certainly not the worst. We have the German kind, so they’re really more like beetles, and they don’t seem to do anything except be…

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‘The Greatest American Hero’ Reboot Will Have an Indian-American as Its Lead

Originally posted on GEEKS OF COLOR:
The Greatest American Hero is making its way back to our televisions, but not as people remember as ABC has approved a female-led reboot of the famous ‘80s series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.…

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Sitting is the Next Smoking

In recent centuries, advances in industry and technology have fundamentally changed the way many humans spend their waking hours. Where it was once commonplace to spend virtually all of those hours on your feet – walking, twisting, bending, and moving … Continue reading

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Are You Taking Antacids, Then Talk to Us!

December 17, 2016 healthandwellnessassociates Are you taking Antacids? If you are taking Antacids, then you need to talk to us. Do you suffer from heart burn, acid indigestion, or are being treated for Gerd, peptic ulcers or other digestive issues … Continue reading

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Top Five Warning Signs That Your Young Adult Might be in Trouble

What causes people to make choices that could destroy their future, and why do they give in to peer pressure? Could your child be headed down a dangerous path? Heed the following warning signs: #1 warning sign: Isolates from the … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Magnesium Deficiency?

  Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral in the body. According to a pioneering American neurosurgeon, “Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and it’s the missing cure to many diseases.”   Magnesium is critical for cellular … Continue reading

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Galaxy takes a bath

Recently my Galaxy S3 went for a swim, and while I was able to get it all dried out, my touch-screen (a very important part indeed) refused to work. I took it to the shop explaining what was wrong and … Continue reading

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1. Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians

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Originally posted on THE NARROW GATE:
Did you know that there is a link between Nikola Tesla, music, DNA, and the Giza Pyramids? ? Seems far fetched, but I’ll show you what it is… ? Introduction to Cymatics To start with,…

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36. The War On Your Mind

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Originally posted on THE NARROW GATE:
Preface First of all, the previous post on MK Ultra (35. Butterflies and Rabbit Holes) was pretty heavy stuff, so well done for getting through it! ? Now, recall what I said at the…


Video (otw) Network – I’m Mad as Hell

While it doesn’t quite fit the reality we have today, banks going bust, still… This video needs no introduction <a href="”>

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Originally posted on venitism:
? The National Safety Council is adopting the Celebrating Lost Loved Ones map, which allows family and friends of those lost to the opioid epidemic to place an image and description of their late loved one…

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Egg Salad sandwiches

Maybe it’s a Southern thing? I don’t know, but around here apparently if you use a hotdog bun for anything other than a hotdog, you must be too poor to afford bread? My coworkers were giving me a hard time … Continue reading

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Video (otw) Riding Free

AHH, so nIce… MY granddaughter loves the netflix cartoon “Spirit, Riding Free” now that “Maya the Bee” has been removed.

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U.S. TREASON From Rumours To Legal Investigation!!!

Originally posted on Ronmamita's Blog:
Was The “Insurance Policy” Treason? For decades the Clintons’ illegal activities and abuse of office were discussed as “treason” on social media. But, now Congress (at least one Rep. Paul Gosar) is seeking criminal…

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Do live lobsters feel pain when you boil them? – The Washington Post

Personally, I prefer all my food “dead” before I cook/eat it, after all, I’m not Klingon. Lobsters may be one of the most popular crustaceans in the culinary arts. But when it comes to killing them, there’s a long and … Continue reading

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