U.S. TREASON From Rumours To Legal Investigation!!!

I’ve not trusted the U.S. gummint, since… since… well… hmmm

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Alleged U.S. treason connections

Was The “Insurance Policy” Treason?

For decades the Clintons’ illegal activities and abuse of office were discussed as “treason” on social media.
But, now Congress (at least one Rep. Paul Gosar) is seeking criminal charges against rogue officials at the DOJ and FBI that not only attempted to overthrow the Legal Transition of Government (block the incoming President Trump) and that is connected to both Hillary’s illegal mishandling CLASSIFIED EMAILS and her DNC-Clinton Presidential campaign that paid for foreign intel to interfere with the RNC-Trump campaign and election process.
TREASON: The Insurance Policy
Forgive me for the above paragraph, but the illegal connections are many and I want you to grasp some of the congested intersection that criminal investigations could take, including but not limited to espionage, money laundering, election crimes, perjury, contempt of court, obstructing justice, and abuse of office.

Institutional Domestic Threat To National Security

As I’ve discussed the escalation of the…

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