36. The War On Your Mind



First of all, the previous post on MK Ultra (35. Butterflies and Rabbit Holes) was pretty heavy stuff, so well done for getting through it!

great job

Now, recall what I said at the start of the previous post:

“What you learn in this post will be highly important in subsequent posts, where you will see how the same mind control techniques discussed here are used against youand the public as a whole, through what is known as psychological warfare and mass mind control.”

In a nutshell, what you have seen in the previous two posts (recapped in detail below) is that:

  1. Television is used to subliminally program viewers; and
  2. Trauma can be used to compartmentalise a persons mind to create a more programmable individual.

Armed with that solid understanding of how television and trauma can be used to program someone on an individual level, we will now start to shift our attention towards

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